St. Barnabas Village

Winter is Here!

November 5, 2011
Remember when it snows Please park your vehicles in your driveways or on the EVEN side of the street, the snow plows will not come down the streets if they feel they cannot navigate them safely. You must shovel your walk ways within 48 hrs. after the storms, Clean around your mail boxes to insure you will receive mail. Slow down you never know when there's ice under a snow pack. Let's all use common sense and be safe and have a great winter!

Bring US Your Praise, Your Problems, Your Concerns and Your Ideas!

November 10, 2009
Hello This is Where You can Post your Concerns or praises for the neighborhood, Bring Your complaints, your Ideas even Your Personal News. This is Where We can Share and Converse about whatever You want Or think Should Go here ( Its All about YOU!) Just be Civil and Remember for good or bad This is your Village!! email to

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