Lets Work Together for Our Own Good!!

April 2, 2011
Hi Neighbors, 

We have an opportunity to create in St. Barnabas the ideal living environment, this is the "Place To Live' in Prince Georges County, Maryland. There is no reason why as a community we can't come together and make all the changes we want in our community and homes.  Let's continue to make St. Barnabas, safer, better, more cohesive and more beautiful. We would love to hear your views. email me   Lets continue to make our community GREAT!!

Wow Did we have a Storm or What?

March 5, 2010
Hey Neighbors, we certainly Had a Record Braking Storm this Year, And it leads me to think that we need to put measures in place to prevent the problems and difficulties we had for the future, I don't know exactly what but then we all can contribute to the solution I for one welcome your input please let us know what we can do about this and any situation in the community. a special thanks goes out to Mr. Sam Young for helping neighbors dig out the crippling snow with his snow blower, and to ...
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