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This is Your Online News Letter to help You stay in touch with happenings and changes in Your Neighborhood. Here You can Find Important changes , updates and Info You can use, You can Also send and contact Your Board Members to input Your ideas and concerns, after all we all have a vested interest in Our neighborhood and the quality of Life in it. If you would like to receive Email alerts when news, changes or updates  Happen Please feel free to give us Your email so we can add you to our list.


Perquida Osbourne

Janice Hall

Sylvia Bryant

Daleitha Sparks

Joy Henry

Shane Wright

Mozelle Sam

I would like to thank my fellow HOA Board members for the valiant service and cooperation this past year, I believe We've made a positive impact on Our community and we will continue to do so, again a heart felt Thank you!! Nothing could have been done without your support.  


 ANNUAL  COMMUNITY                      MEETING

The Community Meeting was held on October 23, 2018 

We voted in our 2018 Board Members and we hope to have the Community's support in the up coming year!  We've got a lot of work to do so lets roll up our selves and get to it!

          The WEATHER is Changing

Remember  turn on your Outside Lights front and back! ( a well lit home is more visible and lest vulnerable.)

Trim back Bushes or shrubs to eliminate places for people to hide.

Back into you garage ( this makes it harder for someone to slip into your garage behind you, and easy to pull out when leaving.

Keep your house alarm on "stay" when inside.

Have Your keys ready when leaving or entering your home or car!

Report any strange cars or People, tell your neighbors about these,  The more eye's on the watch detours many thieves or bandits!

Keep Your Children Close, know where they are!

Remember We are a Village , Lets watch each others Backs!!

watch out for "street vendors" that knock at your door trying to sell you services.

If you live or are aware of any foreclosed or vacant properties please watch out for any unauthorized activity in or around them. 


In case of SNOW park on the even side of the street only! Let the plows do their job.


This is Your Neighborhood, You can Only get out of it What YOU put into IT!!

How Much are You putting into it???

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